Kid & Pet Friendly

As a father of 4 children I understand the common concern that many parents and pet owners have for the safety of their loved ones. As a small business owner I have the ability to choose which products (out of the tens of thousands that are available) that I will or will not use. I am very selective in what I will use for either inside or outside treatments especially since I am the one working with and mixing product concentrates!

Having said that, I want to be very transparent about an often misused and misunderstood word in the pest control industry: “Organic”. We are NOT a strictly organic pest control service.  An “Organic” label doesn’t guarantee that the product will be safe for people and pets nor does it guarantee that the product will be effective. We do use many organic based products but what is most important is that I use products that I feel comfortable spraying in my own home and products that have been tried and proven to be effective! The reason that I choose to use some synthetic products is because they are specifically engineered for improved safety & residual effect over their organic counterparts.

For example, the Chrysanthemum flower has a natural insecticidal property found in the Oleoresin extract. Proactive Pest & Weed Control uses pyrethroids, a synthetically reproduced version of that organic botanical ketoalcholic ester. Pyrethroids serve the same purpose as the natural insecticide but provide a LONGER RESIDUAL EFFECT and are 50 TIMES LESS TOXIC. Pyrethroids can be found in topical head lice treatments, many pest treatments for household pets, and are less toxic to people and mammals than ordinary table salt.

Your continued safety in conjunction with a successful pest control plan is my number one priority. The mode of action on the pyrethroids that I use prevent communication to a key neurotransmitter, specific only to insects—posing virtually no harm to humans when used in residential areas.  Proactive Pest & Weed Control is proud to use products that have no odor or visible residue. My products are effective enough to use in warehouses and manufacturing plants but safe enough to treat schools, day care centers, nursing facilities, and veterinary clinics as well as your home.

If you require an organic pest or weed control product, please get in touch with me and I’ll recommend a couple of options you can explore.