Why Choose Proactive?

Why use a professional service?

The options for chemical control are extremely complex and it’s essential to successfully navigate the maze of products and select the right product for the right job. I have been in the pest control industry for over eight years. I know the products and am confident in their safety and effectiveness. You can have confidence that we will find the right products for your unique needs. The licensing process, our experience in the local area, along with our preventative approach allows us to deliver superior results.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulates the use of pesticides and herbicides on the market. As a licensed and insured professional I have access to products that are more effective than what can be bought over the counter at a do-it-your-self store such as Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart. Mixing and applying your own chemicals can be hazardous and time consuming. As a whole sale purchaser of professional grade products I am able to give you a better bang for your buck, which I also back up with the best warranty in the industry: unlimited free re-service of your home or yard in between routine quarterly visits! I give you peace of mind.

How does our service work?

My pricing for pest and weed control service is determined upon the size of your home and/or yard. The secret to effective pest control is routine maintenance. The service is generally performed on a quarterly or seasonal basis with the first two services being about a month apart allowing me to rotate between products which use different active ingredients, and to disrupt the egg cycle of any insects harboring in your home. On follow-up treatments a call will be placed 24 hours in advance to notify you of the date and time of your next appointment.

Pests live outside and are generally driven into your home in search of a more stable environment where they can find food, water, and avoid the extreme changes in temperature. My primary focus for pest control is to create a protective barrier around the exterior of your residence. By thoroughly treating the outside of your home and yard, pest problems can be proactively prevented before they ever arise. I focus on all pest entry points including doors, windows, and where wiring and pipes enter the structure. I will also treat the interior of your home on an as-needed basis, at your request. I thoroughly inspect your property’s eaves, walkways, driveway, patio, and yard for ants, spiders, scorpions, and other pest infestations.