Weed Control

We provide both preventative and active weed control service. Controlling weeds improves the beauty and health of your property while also eliminating hiding spots for common pests. We treat all the weeds common to the Albuquerque area.

Different weeds grow during each season. It is true that most weeds die off or go dormant during the winter, however there are very good reasons for a year round service. In the fall and late winter most weeds are dropping their seeds. Because of the wind here in Albuquerque, even if you have kept your yard weed free, seeds will be blown onto your property and settle throughout your yard all winter. For this reason, during the one winter treatment, we apply a potent turf grass friendly pre-emergent which is designed to sterilize the seeds before they ever grow.   Come springtime, we can maintain your weed free yard instead of reclaiming it from the weeds that have already sprung up.

Regardless of the weed problem you want eliminated, we’ll create a custom weed control plan to meet your needs. Our ornamental and turf license also allows us to provide better pest control (see our pests + weeds page for more detail). When setting up service, we’ll be happy to also include pest control in your plan. Our packages help you save money on both services.

If you’d like to identify the weeds growing on your property, here are two excellent weed resources:

New Mexico State University Weed Resources

USDA New Mexico Noxious Weeds