Proactive Treatment

Our unique approach to licensing (pests + weeds) and our personal service plans allow us to play offense when it comes to eliminating pests and weeds. We can treat pests out in the yard (which is where they actually live before they come inside). Because we eliminate pests where they’re at (not just the foundation), it’s uncommon we have to treat inside your house after the first visit.

We know putting more effort into addressing outside pest issues results in fewer pests inside. Our proactive approach to treatment addresses problems before they get bad enough to show up inside.

While most customers opt for quarterly pest treatment, we also offer re-spray service between scheduled service at no charge. We don’t want those bugs making it inside!

Trust me—we know what happens when bugs show up inside; and we’ve built a thriving business making sure that seeing ants, spiders, and roaches inside the home is a rare occurrence.

Advantages of our proactive approach:

  • Fewer inside treatments (easier to schedule visits, less disrupted privacy)
  • Less product used indoors (we utilize kid & pet friendly products but still prefer to reduce chemical use indoors)
  • Fewer nasty surprises (you know what we’re talking about–the “honey please grab your shoe while I stand on this table” variety)
  • Fewer problems out in the yard (black widows hang out in those quiet dark spots where the kids tend to play)
  • Re-spray at no charge