Pests + Weeds

As our company name implies I can treat for both pest control as well as your weed control needs! I actively maintain both a structural license (for pest control in and around the home) as well as an ornamental and turf license (for weed control and pest control in the yard). When considering a pest control service provider it is important to understand that while it’s helpful to spray in and around the home, that’s just playing defense. My additional categorical 3A & 3B Licensing allows me to go on the offensive and treat out in the yard to address specific pests like ants and black widows all the way to the edge of your property.

I can treat pests out in the yard (which is where they actually live before they come inside). Because I eliminate pests before they move into your home, I don’t usually have to treat inside your house after the first visit.

This allows us to take a proactive approach to eliminating pests on your property. Schedule a consultation to find out how our individualized service plans can address your weed and pest issues.