Personal Service Plans

We don’t believe in locking customers in to a cookie-cutter service—with Proactive Pest & Weed Control, you get individual service. While it certainly takes more thought and effort to develop and maintain unique plans for every customer, customized treatment produces significantly better results.

We develop a unique treatment plan for every customer. Jedediah will personally evaluate your needs on the first visit to develop a plan and ensure treatment meets the need. Because we’re licensed for both pests & weeds, we have significantly more flexibility in developing an ideal treatment approach for you.

We can adjust based on your specific situation. Want us to spray for pests quarterly AND perform a winter weed preventative? No problem. Want us to spray your summer weeds, address a mouse or rat problem, and do a preventative insect spray annually? We can do that, too!

Fortunately, custom/individual plans does not mean more expensive. We aren’t the most expensive pest control company and we’re not the cheapest, but because of our unique approach to licensing and treatment, we deliver the best value in the Albuquerque area.

If you do choose to utilize both our weed control and pest control services, we’ll create a plan that will help you save on both. If you just want pest treatment you’ll still benefit from our pests + weeds approach as we are licensed to proactively treat pests out in your yard as well as the foundation and inside.